Hey it's me Richard, but please just call me Rich. I'm an artist, a design enthusiast, and a passionate photographer. My love for photography developed very organically, with my first shots documenting my study-abroad trips while in college and grad school. Initially I focused solely on landscapes, streetscapes, architecture, and abstract photography. But my passion evolved as my “eye” developed, so portraits, event and wedding photography became part of the repertoire – close family members and friends starting to tie the knot and have children helped a lot too!

Things I love:

  • My insane Jamaican family. They love and support me in everything I do and always keep me entertained.
  • Travel. Ahhhh..... The experiences gained through travel forever changes and continuously inspires me to see more, do more, be more! (#SMDMBM)
  • My eclectic group of friends. They are equally inspiring as they are outrageous and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
  • Design. I'm all about the aesthetics - whether it's art, architecture, interiors - it's all relative. Good design is good design, no matter what form it comes in. 
  • Good music. Music is the soundtrack to my soul; it inspires, heals, and motives me in any and every season of life.
  • Meeting new people. As an introvert I never thought that meeting new people would be something I would ever grow to enjoy. I've come to enjoy meeting new people, especially my clients!
  • Last but not least, Jesus. All that I am, I owe to Him. He's pretty awesome! 


Richard Lawrence II